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2022 Updates

My 2022 year has been a little different, involving a range of physio and non-physio achievements and highlights. As discussed in a previous blog post, I took a career break, travelling overseas and spending a total of 7 months off work. This allowed me to refresh, refocus, and was a good reset period. You can read more about my thoughts on this career break here. You can also see a few snaps from my trip at the bottom of the blog.

Throughout the first half of 2022 I was consulting at Physiosports Brighton. My clinical caseload was primarily gym-based rehab, strength & conditioning, running based injuries & rehab, and youth athlete management. These are personal interest areas, and I will look to continue expand my expertise and involvement in these areas in 2022 and 2023.

I was also involved in delivery of educational lectures to a number of different audiences. I was honoured to present through Learning Physiotherapy, providing lectures on ‘Strength & Conditioning’ and ‘Rehab Principles’ (see more here). Additionally, I have continued my course advisory and sessional lecturing role through Swinburne University.

Finally, I have been involved with Recovr, a company creating waves in the rapidly emerging digital rehabilitation sphere. My involvement was primarily through running-specific programs. This company will continue to expand and make a footprint in the digital rehab space, and I look forward to future involvement.

My social media channel (@kywynnephysio) has continued to grow, despite some time off during my career break. I will look to further progress the activity, engagement and content I provide via ‘kywynnephysio’.

For those looking to engage further with me, check out the following links. I am always open to new opportunities, ideas and connections, so don’t afraid to reach out.

Photos from Ky's recent 'career break' holiday:

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