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Updates from 2021

I'll start by saying 2021 has been a crazy year to follow on from 2020. Many of us have had plans changes and moved around, myself included. Positively, despite the madness, 2021 has been a productive year for me from a physio perspective.

Key 2021 Updates:

  • Work at Physiosports: thankfully physiotherapy has been considered an essential service, and has continued (with some restrictions in lockdown) this year. I have continued seeing a large number of runners, gym-based rehab, youth athletes, and recreational athletes.

  • Work in Sport: I have been involved as the physiotherapist at Old Caulfield Grammarians in the VAFA Premier Division. After some time off being involved with a team in a full season capacity (I've completed regular game-day coverage, but 2020 I had time off), it's been excellent to get back into this kind of role. The team is inside the top 4 and poised for a finals run when sport resumes post-COVID.

  • Research: I've been dipping my toes into some research projects, and will be looking to continue to do so over the coming year. I'm looking to get involved with running-related research, so if you're looking to collaborate on some projects, let me know.

  • Course Advisory: I've continued to be involved in a course advisory capacity at Swinburne University to assist with the continual development of their Physiotherapy program. I am a big believer in giving back, and this is one area I am pleased to be able to do that.

  • Study: In 2021 I commenced my Masters of Sports Medicine (Sports Physiotherapy), starting with the Post Graduate Certificate this year. I have enjoyed getting back into formal study, and 2021 has been the perfect year to be able to get back into this.

Bigger and better things to come!


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