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Training Program Design - Snippets from Lectures for Learning Physiotherapy

I was lucky enough to be invited to present to students and recent graduates through online physiotherapy training organization Learning Physiotherapy ( in January 2022. As many of you may know, I thoroughly enjoy giving back, and have been lucky enough to present through a number of different organizations, including Learning Physiotherapy, Swinburne University, The Australian Physiotherapy Association and clinical inservices. I am always open to new opportunities, so reach out if you have something that you think may interest me or align with my values.

I have included a few snippets from the presentation in slides below, however the majority of content will still be unavailable publicly at this stage. I may look to release the presentations online in some capacity, and am definitely open to delivering them again to other audiences.

If you want to stay in touch with what I'm doing, subscribe to my mailing list on the homepage and follow my Instagram channel (@kywynnephysio).

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